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The Doggle

The Doggle

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How To Size Your Pup 🐾

About The Doggle

Breathable Mesh: Allows air to pass through and moisture to escape to reduce fogging. Water easily escapes after a good swim.

Spherical Lens: Provides an improved field of view, optical clarity, a wider peripheral vision, and ample room for ventilation and whiskers.

Durable Frame: Holds up the wear and tear you can expect from most active dogs!

Impact Resistant: Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and designed to protect against larger objects that can cause blunt eye trauma and fine particles that can irritate eyes.

Strap System: The fully adjustable strap system is easy to adjust, allows for increased stability and a full range of motion, and can be tailored-fit to any dog.

Premium Material: Our lens is made of PC material and offers UV protection, the frame is made of soft TPU material, and the side that contacts the dog has a soft foam pad for ultimate comfort. Functionality and comfort coexist, and your pups will be happy to wear them again!

Protect Eyes: Get your dog a pair of sunglasses to keep his eyes protected during the sunny summer days. Dogs are protected from miscellaneous elements when engaging in outdoor activities.

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